Performance, security and growth: GasLINE's fibre-optic network

A solid fibre-optic infrastructure is the foundation for high-performance telecommunications networks. GasLINE's fibre-optic network is being continuously expanded to meet growing market needs and help develop new business locations.

Highlights of our Next Generation Network:

  • Fibre-optic network throughout Germany
  • Redundant backbone with meshed network structure
  • Network connections to regional city carriers
  • International fibre-optic network connections to established carriers in neighbouring countries
  • Connection to telehouses, computer centres, PoPs and information and communication technology centres (ITC providers)
  • Consistent Quality of Service (QoS)
  • NOC (24/7/365)

Go to our active network map to see the current network and the status of our planning work.

Please contact us for a network solution tailored to your specific needs.

Turnkey and secure
Companies building and operating of fibre-optic networks have to observe a multitude of planning, regulatory and legal requirements. GasLINE offers a comprehensive "turnkey service" covering all of these aspects up to and including the provision of the network connection itself.

  • Underground installation of all cable ducts
  • Cable ducts routed mostly within the right-of-way of high-pressure gas pipelines
  • Fast, reliable and sustainable realisation of construction projects
  • Special installation method that protects nature and the landscape
  • Customised planning processes

Schematic diagram showing cable duct installed within the right-of-way of a gas pipeline:

Next Generation Networks (NGNs) are fraught with challenges for the operator. This is why the configuration and implementation of the hardware as well as network management with active components should always be placed into experienced hands. GasLINE guarantees maximum operational reliability and availability by:

  • Operation & management of the fibre-optic infrastructure
  • Fault and maintenance management
  • Regular route monitoring through overflying and inspection rounds
  • Sophisticated quality management
  • NOC (24/7/365)