Broadband access: High-performance and reliable infrastructure to support the digital sustainability of your region

A comprehensive broadband service can only be delivered with an efficient network infrastructure that allows large-scale, fast data transmission. GasLINE is the ideal partner for local utilities, municipalities and special-purpose associations when it comes to rapid, cost-efficient and future-proof broadband development. We are continuously expanding our network in a very cost-effective way.

We support your FttX project by:

  • connecting your community and region via optical fibres to our wide area network and, if desired, to the nearest Internet exchange node (IX)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect your community or municipality to the fibre-optic network as we continue to expand our network across Germany. As part of the upcoming civil work, we also offer communities and municipalities located along the routes the possibility to install their own cable ducts alongside the GasLINE systems in their areas.

All information on the planned routes can be found here.
Should you be interested or if you have any questions, please call us or use our contact form.

The development of sustainable communication infrastructures is one of the main tasks of the government, network operators and municipalities. Fibre-optic systems play a decisive role here – for example when it comes to connecting industrial areas and business parks to the wide area network. In this way GasLINE secures long-term location advantages and access to attractive customer groups and technologies.

We would be delighted to provide you with more information about our reference projects.

Gerne informieren wir Sie über Referenzprojekte. Click here to download a case study.

Expansion projects currently underway

We are expanding our network across Germany.
Here you can see a selection of our expansion projects.
An overview of all expansion projects can be found here.

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