Full service for the entire network

GasLINE Dark Fibre is our comprehensive range of products for fibre-optic infrastructure from individual fibres to entire cables. GasLINE offers dedicated networks, cable routes and connections delivering customised network solutions for carriers, local authorities and businesses. We provide a full service for the entire infrastructure from consultancy and planning support to project implementation as well as operation and administration of your networks.



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Fibre-optic cable networks are the main arteries of
modern telecommunications and the Internet.

Dark Fibre offers you:

  • Over 32,000 km of fibre-optic cables
  • Another 3,000 km to be completed by 2022
  • Protected location, mainly within the right-of-way of gas pipelines
  • Connection to telehouses, PoPs, service providers and data centres in over 200 cities
  • Connections to regional and international fibre-optic cable networks
  • More than 20 years of experience in designing, building and implementing networks and providing fibre-optic connections
  • Continuous network expansion in line with customer-specific requirements
  • 24/7/365 availability of the Network Operation Centre (NOC) in the event of a fault
  • Metal-free and longitudinally water-tight cables in accordance with DIN VDE regulations 0888 (DIN EN 60794 and 60793)
  • Cables with mainly 144 fibres
  • Cable type: Standard Single Mode Fibre (SSMF) according to ITU-T recommendation G.652, dispersion shifted fibres (NZDSF) according to ITU-T recommendation G.655
  • Single fibre management in branch and straight joints as well as in cable end sets

  • Fibre-optic connectors: E 2000® HRL; single mode 8° APC

  • Cable ducts made of high-quality HDPE; 50 x 4.6 mm

Industry Solutions

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