The basis for innovative network concepts

Our products are specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of the carrier market. Whether you wish to replace existing permanent connections from other infrastructure suppliers or integrate new routes for customers or backbone segments into your existing network concept, GasLINE’s Dark Fibre and OptiNET Connect products offer the appropriate solutions for carriers and internet service providers.

Dark Fibre

Fibre-optic networks are the basis on which carriers and internet service providers offer their telecommunication services in the retail market and network capacities in the wholesale segment. GasLINE is an established fixture in the German market in its capacity as an infrastructure provider. A significant proportion of fibre-optic cable is leased from us by carriers wanting to establish and extend their own backbones.

Customer Connectivity

With minimal cost and effort, Ethernet products provide you with access to your customers in retail markets and connectivity with your backbone

The advantage for you is that we provide the required data rate via a dedicated leased line and thus create the connection between your backbone and the end user. In the case of several connections, transfer to a central location is on the basis of a network gateway

OptiNET Connect Ethernet is our answer to your needs.

Backbone Connectivity

Our Carrier Ethernet and Wavelength products are the ideal complement to your existing backbone network topology, without your company having to invest in additional network infrastructure. Thanks to standardised interfaces and the fact that our network uses network technologies that are well established on the market, new routes or extensions can be readily integrated into your existing backbone.

The advantage for you is that if your capacity requirements increase, we can quickly provide you with additional transmission capacities thanks to the scalability of our services.

OptiNET Connect Ethernet and Wavelength are network solutions that can be adapted to their respective requirements.

Virtual Backbone

Our Wellenlängen products provide dedicated, high transmission speeds via defined interfaces to extend your backbone. GasLINE reproduces the required backbone structure on its own DWDM platform and operates the network much like a white label solution, without your customers being aware of us in the background as an infrastructure supplier.

The advantage for you is that you do not have to invest in your own DWDM equipment or the necessary technology for network operation. If your requirements increase, additional channels with high transmission capacities can be quickly added.

OptiNET Connect Wavelength offers you a scalable solution that grows with your needs.