System Equipment Sites

Along GasLINE’s fibre-optic cable network there are remotely monitored system equipment sites at distances of around 80 km equipped with the latest technical facilities including supply and monitoring systems. The technology connecting the sites to the cable network has a redundant design. Maximum reliability and constant availability are our number one priority. Alarm signalling systems inside the building, an operations centre manned around the clock by specially trained staff, 24-hour on-call repair crews and a local security service allow us to meet these requirements at all times.


GasLINE offers customers the opportunity to rent individual rooms or rack space for their transmission equipment. The modular design of the buildings allows us to meet specific requests in terms of rack size and location/positioning of the racks. Your system equipment can be connected to the site’s redundant power supply system which operates at various voltage levels. Air conditioning units are installed to ensure constant room temperatures. In the event of power grid failure, an emergency power generator takes over until grid power is restored.


  • Redundant supply system
  • Remotely monitored system equipment sites
  • Remote access control to system equipment sites
  • Constantly manned operations centre
  • 24-hour standby maintenance and security service


  • Rack space tailored to customer needs
  • Raised floor for cabling and air conditioning for system equipment
  • Redundant supply lines
  • Patch cables installed in ceiling
  • Air conditioning with n+1 redundancy
  • Uninterruptible 48 V power supply
  • Emergency power supply by diesel generator as a safety backup
  • Alarm signalling system for fire, intrusion and technical signals/messages


System equipment site