GasLINE Dark Fibre

GasLINE Dark Fibre is our comprehensive range of products for fibre-optic infrastructure: from individual fibres to entire cables. GasLINE offers dedicated networks, individual routes and connections providing customised network solutions for carriers, local authorities and businesses.


GasLINE offers a full service for the entire network from consultancy and planning support through to project implementation and all the way to network operation and administration.

The fibre types used by GasLINE comply with worldwide standards. We rely on single fibre management, a tried-and-tested safety concept for connections ensuring continuous network operation. New customer tie-ins and repairs to individual fibres do not affect transmission capabilities. High network availability for data transfer is maintained and your business applications remain available throughout the process.


  • More than 25,000 km fibre-optic cable network + 4,000 km expansion until 2020
  • Protected location in the rights-of-way of natural gas pipelines
  • Over 20 years’ experience in designing and building networks and providing fibre-optic cable connections  
  • Continuous network expansion according to customer specifications and support of  bespoke system expansion planning
  • Customised solutions as point-to-point, ring or meshed topologies
  • Quality assurance for infrastructure based on specific service level agreements
  • 24/7/365 availability of our Network Operations Centre (NOC) to deal with any faults


  • Metal-free and longitudinally waterproof cables meeting DIN / VDE requirements 0888 (DIN EN 60794 and 60793)
  • Cables mostly with 144 fibres
  • Cable type: standard single mode fibre (SSMF) according to ITU-T recommendation G.652, dispersion-shifted fibres (NZDSF) according to ITU-T recommendation G.655
  • Single fibre management in straight-through and branch-off joints and in termination boxes
  • Plug connectors: E 2000® HRL; Single-Mode 8° APC
  • High-quality PEHD cable conduits; dimensions: 50 x 4.6 mm


As a service and infrastructure provider, operating and continuously expanding our own fibre-optic infrastructure is part of our corporate DNA.

Today, we have our own nationwide fibre-optic cable infrastructure which covers more than 25,000 km and connects to the fibre-optic networks in neighbouring countries.

Over 150 national and international companies rely on our high-performance infrastructure and our services which are continuously developed in accordance with our customers’ needs.