Network Planning/Expansion

The foundation of any high-performance telecommunications networks is a fibre-optic infrastructure. Companies installing and operating these networks are required to comply with a vast number of planning, regulatory and legal requirements. GasLINE can offer all of this – as well as the provision of the actual fibres - as a “turnkey” service. Since our fibre-optic cables are usually installed alongside natural gas pipelines, network expansions for our customers are relatively quick and easy to complete. GasLINE is an experienced and highly competent partner for carriers, local authorities and municipal utilities developing broadband systems as well as for companies wishing to build and operate their own networks.

Installation techniques

For safety reasons, GasLINE installs its cable ducts in the ground. Most of our fibre-optic cables run alongside high-pressure natural gas pipelines with a soil cover of about 1 m. The rights-of-way of these pipelines are subject to special safety requirements and monitoring activities. As a result, GasLINE’s fibre-optic cable network enjoys special protection against third-party damage. Our cable ducts can be safely and easily detected, and we use special techniques to install several cable ducts at the same time.

Schematic representation of a right-of-way with a gas pipeline and cable ducts:

Protection of landscape and agricultural land

For GasLINE, ESG (Environmental Social Governance) performance has long been pivotal to its environmental ambitions. We exercise extreme care when installing fibre-optic cables alongside natural gas pipelines, taking account of nature conservation and landscape protection concerns and developing landscape management plans. Safeguarding the environment is a prime concern, so in many areas we use a special cable plough to install the cables. The plough opens up the ground down to a depth of about 1 m while simultaneously laying one or several cable ducts supplied as coils on a reel. Where necessary, cable-laying is followed by surface finishing work. Where cables are installed across agricultural land, the land can be used as before.