Network Operation

Next Generation Networks (NGNs) pose huge challenges for the operator. Network planning and cable installation are crucial, but proper operation is just as important to ensure the network’s functionality. Hardware configuration and implementation as well as network management with all of the active components should be left to experienced service providers.

The Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitors network operation in close coordination with the field service teams to be able to quickly remedy any faults or failures. The NOC is available to customers on a 24/7/365 bases for fault reports, troubleshooting and documentation.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Provision of a central network monitoring service centre (24/7/365)
  • 24-hour availability of service personnel
  • Fault repair management
  • Planning, control and execution of maintenance activities
  • Network quality assessments
  • Execution of scheduled work (from network planning right through acceptance)
  • Operation and administration of fibre-optic infrastructure

Network inspection: To ensure a smooth data flow, all network routes are monitored on a regular basis so that any hazards can be predicted and prevented. Monitoring is by air as well as by walking surveys, which maximises network availability. If inspections reveal the need for any action, the necessary steps are initiated without delay. Where immediate action is necessary, GasLINE will take appropriate safety measures directly at the site.

Quality assurance:
Maintaining the value of a fibre-optic infrastructure and handling all related activities requires sophisticated quality management techniques to optimise availability while minimising failure frequency and system downtime. Thorough maintenance to ensure the quality of the fibre-optic network and all system components is a natural part of our activities. These activities also include the settlement of compensation claims for damage caused long after construction activates have been completed, the re-routing of lines following changes to the road network, or the repair of the cable infrastructure after a fault or failure. For all these tasks, GasLINE has an organisation of competent and specially trained engineers and technicians available throughout the service area.