GasLINE is one of the main fibre-optic cable infrastructure providers. It has a nationwide network covering more than 25,000 km which connects to local fibre-optic networks run by city carriers as well as international fibre-optic cable networks operated by major carriers in neighbouring countries. This way, customers can link their networks with major cities such as London, Paris, Warsaw and Vienna. Telehouses, large computer centres and PoPs as well as data centres operated by providers of information and telecommunication technology and large media organisations are connected to the GasLINE network.

The backbone has a redundant design. The meshed network structure makes it particularly suited for meeting redundancy requirements. The Next Generation Network (NGN) provides a constant Quality of Service (QoS) as well as maximum reliability and data availability.

The GasLINE network is being continually expanded to meet the customers’ specific needs and to connect new business locations. We engage in joint projects with communities, local authorities and industrial parks to develop the broadband infrastructure.