Why GasLINE?

GasLINE stands for true quality, values and a shared understanding of values across the company. This is reflected in our network infrastructure, the OptiNET product portfolio as well as our customer service and corporate culture, which translate into significant benefits for the customer.

Many companies have placed their trust in GasLINE for more than 20 years and rely on the network and skills provided by the company. The level of quality and the appreciation from customers are founded on eight pillars:

Fibre-optic network

GasLINE has full control over access to its routes, fibre-optic cables and overall network operation throughout Germany. The continuous fibre-optic infrastructure with its redundant network topology and optical technology provides users with a premium network. GasLINE offers extensive operational skills including the planning and construction of cable networks.

Our customers benefit from the high availability and performance of our data-carrying infrastructure. The scalability of our products and the customised network solutions meet the market’s demand. Corporate customers are connected end-to-end by GasLINE as their fibre-optic infrastructure provider.

Network operation

This part of our services, which is so critical for the proper functioning and availability of the network, is planned and organised by ourselves. Having full control of network operation is a key prerequisite for professional network management and extremely short repair times. The homogeneous structure of our sustainable technology for layer-2 network products is ideal for efficient and flexible network services with scalable bandwidths.

The added value for our customers is in  the performance characteristics of the dark fibre infrastructure itself and the efficiency and scalability of wavelength and Ethernet network solutions. These include above all the short latencies and the reliability of almost real-time data transmission.


GasLINE stands for network quality. The high system stability is both an asset and an obligation at the same time. But we also offer quality in other areas including direct on-site services and reliable customer-focused action.

Carriers appreciate our reliable infrastructure and the personal contact with our sales team and our engineers. GasLINE offers a network our customers can rely on. Companies can use their business applications without any restrictions. Our customers entrust us with some of the responsibility for infrastructure and network management.


The network complies with high safety standards. Most of our fibre-optic cables are installed in the right-of-way of buried natural gas pipelines. The level of redundancy of our own backbone ensures maximum system stability thanks to alternative routes.

Safety is key for users of networks and network services. High availability and data integrity during transmission are essential for our customers. GasLINE also helps customers meet their statutory data protection requirements.


GasLINE is known as a reliable infrastructure partner. The solidity of the company, which has been an established player in the telecoms market for 20 years, is testament to its solvency and stability. Reliability is one of GasLINE’s main traits.

High levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction are appreciated on both sides. Trust matters! It is a key benefit for our customers and a benchmark GasLINE is measured against. We keep our promises. All of this makes for a close relationship built on a spirit of trust.

Customer focus

Being close to the customer is important in the project business and is encouraged. For our sales people this means establishing a direct presence, listening to what our customers have to say and meeting their needs and wishes as and when required. And, of course, we have a best-practice approach, also for our processes. Personal availability, short response times and professionalism in dealing with customer requests complete the high standard offered by GasLINE.

This convenience is appreciated by our customers all along the line. Having only a few or even just one point of contact in a project is reassuring. Cooperation with our customers is characterised by fast, efficient and precisely executed solutions.


Customised backbone-based network solutions and demand-controlled network expansion have been our business from the very first day. We expand networks for carriers, municipal utilities and local authorities where fibre-optic capacities are needed. Flexible network solutions based on our OptiNET products – with wavelengths and Ethernet interfaces – offer a variable service for secure data transmission.

Customers access their customised network topologies using the fibres of bandwidth provided by GasLINE in line with demand. In other words they can draw on custom-fit, efficient solutions for networks, communication, data transmission and access to critical company applications.

Code of Conduct

Throughout the company there is sense of values and responsibility towards staff, customers, third parties and the environment, which is reflected in the environmentally friendly way the fibre-optic cables are installed. Quality is a key element of our Code of Conduct in its own right.

Having a quality-conscious supplier and partner with a sense of values creates trust. GasLINE’s corporate social responsibility agenda reflects its sense of responsibility and integrity and will ideally fit with our customers’ corporate compliance policies.

GasLINE – your reliable partner

These eight pillars underpin all our actions.

We take pride in the reputation we have built over the years and continually strive for operational excellence to stand out with our quality and our high customer retention rates. This is our mission and vision. For the team this means continuously and consistently implementing quality in all areas of their work and in all dealings with the customer.

Operational excellence is what makes us tick - every day.