The right infrastructure for your ideas

At GasLINE, our core business is in executing fibre-optic connectivity and facilitating communication and data transport for day-to-day business. We provide companies with network concepts (Ethernet Private Line und VLANs) tailored to the requirements of their customers. For site connectivity, GasLINE offers dedicated point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections for several locations through to fully meshed systems.

GasLINE provides the infrastructure for dedicated Dark Fibre Networks for companies and under its OptiNET Connect brand offers flexible connectivity through its Wavelength Services and Ethernet Services. Both variants are extremely suitable for Site Connectivity, Linking up data centres or cloud applications (Cloud Connect) thanks to their high-performing and needs-based scalable point-to-point network connections. GasLINE contributes its expertise in needs analysis and network planning, provides the necessary technology and assumes responsibility for network management.